How the Membership Signup Process Works

When you decide which membership level you want, you make a payment by clicking on the payment button using wither Paypal or the 3rd Party payment gateway Stripe. (We don’t store any credit card information on our servers. If you want to pay offline, email us. )

Once we receive notification that your payment is confirmed, a membership account is automatically created for you.

You will receive an email that contains a unique link. Click on this link to activate your membership. At this time you will be asked to choose a “username” and “password” to complete the registration process.

For the next year, you will then be able to log into the site to access member content such as the on-line courses. Once your annual membership expires you will receive notification of the fact and we will remind you to renew your membership if you wish to continue supporting the League.

General Membership

As a General Member, you have full access to our courses, you support our on-going operations and you receive credentials as an active member of the Civil Defence League of Canada that can be verified with our head office. This includes verification of any training courses you have completed. Currently, all courses are free for members.

Only $27 Annually

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Professional Membership

Professional Memberships currently provide a means of further supporting the growth and activities of the League. In the future, we hope to offer this level of membership increased facilities to interact with other civil defence professionals.

Only $59 Annually

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