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Radiological Defence Course

The key to surviving nuclear attack outside the direct blast area is the ability to monitor and predict radiation fallout in the days and weeks ahead. Radiological Defence Officers gain the ability to analyse radiological data from instruments and reports and to make recommendations to municipal or other authorities concerning necessary remedial measures.

Typically, the Radiological Defence Officers (often attached to a municipal or community headquarters) may be responsible for advising the head of government, the operations staff and the heads of the emergency services regarding:

a) The current radiation situation .

b) The future radiation situation and the likely radiation doses.

c) The areas where public and operational activity must be controlled in order to minimize radiation doses.

d) The areas where operational activities may be performed and the areas where the public may be permitted to move about freely.

e) The length of time people in various locations must remain in shelter, when they can emerge, for how long, etc.

f) When outdoor operations can be conducted, where, and for what lengths of time.

g) The types of controls and remedial measures required in the more seriously affected areas, including such questions as when evacuation should be undertaken.

The execution of these responsibilities will involve the collection and collation of radiological information  into an intelligent picture of the radiation situation.

Section 1What is Radiation
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Risk Estimates
Lecture 3What Is Nuclear Radiation?
Section 2Dangers of Radiation
Lecture 4Radioactivity And Decay Of Early Fallout
Lecture 5Patterns of Fallout
Lecture 6How Much Nuclear Radiation is Harmful?
Lecture 7Long Term Effects
Section Quiz
Section 3Protection From Fallout
Lecture 8Protection From External Radiation
Lecture 9Fallout Shelter
Lecture 10Decontamination
Section Quiz
Section 4Radiological Analysis
Lecture 11Radiological Defence Officers’ Analysis
Lecture 12The Basic Analysis Tool
Lecture 13Test Problems
Lecture 14Radiac Calculator (Part 1)
Section Quiz
Section 5Dose Calculations
Lecture 15The Dose-Rate /Time Graph: Dose Estimates
Lecture 16Radiac Calculator (Part 2)
Lecture 17Miscellaneous Calculations

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